Aloito Africa is a mountain trekking and wildlife safari company licensed by the Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

We provide exciting mountain expeditions to Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru as well as safari experiences, cultural tours, beach holidays and more!


Aloito Africa in the Maasai language means, “I am going to Africa.” Take a look at what Tanzania has to offer, we are certain it will have you shouting, “Aloito Africa!”

Meet your hosts


We’ve combined our love for Tanzanian wildlife with our desire to give back, to create a unique adventure company.




Isaya comes from a very humble beginning, growing up as a Maasai Warrior with a big dream to become a tour guide operator. Isaya attended Udzungwa Mountain College Trust of Tanzania and The Tropical Centre Institute, earning a certificate in Tour Guiding and Wildlife and a diploma in Advanced Tour Guiding and Wildlife Management, respectively. He has many years of experience, working with clients from all around the world. Isaya is dedicated to ensure each traveller fulfills all of their trekking and safari dreams.


“I want others to experience my lovely home in a unique way. I began Aloito Africa to share my love for wildlife and adventure. You are warmly welcomed to come visit and experience Tanzania for yourself. Karibu Tanzania! Come as a client, leave as a friend.”





Hailing from Canada, Shauna initially travelled to Tanzania as a dental volunteer. During her stay, Shauna fell in love with all things Tanzania and was particularly intrigued by the Maasai culture. Having been raised on the culturally rich Island of Newfoundland, Shauna understands the importance of preserving one’s heritage and traditions. Today, she dedicates her time to the Maasai Tribe to help create smiles among children and their communities.


“My favourite thing to do, is talk and share about Tanzania. You can ask anyone I know, I’m sure they will agree! Joining Isaya on this journey, as he shares the magical wonders of Tanzania with visitors from around the globe, is a dream come true. Tanzania has a way of leaving a big smile on everyone’s heart and it is my hope that you too, can experience this wonderful country.”
- Shauna


Team Aloito



Itinerary + Tour Operator

Specializing in itinerary development, Mbaringo has over 8 years of experience working within the tourism industry. He is also the Professor of Tour Operations at The Tropical Centre Institute of Tanzania.



Driver Guide

Issack has been leading tours throughout Tanzania for more than 10 years. With his exceptional knowledge in wildlife and guiding, he is dedicated to providing each visitor with an unforgettable experience.



Why Aloito Africa

We are dedicated to fulfilling your wildest dreams to ensure that your visit is both magical and memorable.

Our main goal is to provide an opportunity for travellers to experience the true, authentic Tanzania. Aside from wildlife and glorious mountain tops, Tanzania is full of hidden gems! Here at Aloito Africa, we believe it’s our responsibility to share them with you.


Years from now we want you to look back on your experience and have all of those memories come flooding back. The sights and smells, the people and their vibrant culture, the great food, the laughter, the sunsets, the bliss!