Best Time to Visit Tanzania


“What’s the best month to plan my Tanzania safari?”

This is a question we often receive from our guests.

It’s important to note, that every traveller will have a different opinion on the best month to visit. Ultimately, it should be based on your personal interests and what you hope to experience during your Northern Circuit Safari Tour.

Dry Season

June-August, September-October, January-February


Temperatures from June through July are usually cooler during evenings and early mornings but tend to reach 20-30 degrees celsius at midday. During January- February temperatures are higher.   

There’s little to no precipitation during this time which means, less mud and shorter grass. This will increase your likelihood of spotting wildlife. Your guide will also have the ability to drive through the parks freely and access all areas during the dry season.


The dry season months are ideal for experiencing the Wildebeest Migration which usually takes place from June-August and again, during the wildebeest calving season in January-February.

Most travellers wish to visit during this season due to ideal wildlife viewings, comfortable temperatures and favourable environment conditions.

And, we would have to agree!

Wet Season

March-May, November-December


Shorter rains usually occur during November and December while the longer rain season takes place from March-May.

Because November-December consists of only short rain periods, it’s still an ideal time to visit. Also, the Calving Season begins at the end of the year, so you’ll have an opportunity to witness baby animals - adorable!

March-May are considered the wettest months and is a less popular time to visit the Northern Circuit. Heavy rainfall occurs each day. This creates a muddy situation causing animals to exit the park and migrate to drier areas. Tsetse flies and mosquitoes are also more prevalent during wet months.

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Even though wildlife is scarce, rainy season can be a beautiful time to experience the lush, vibrant green grasslands. If you’re planning to visit during these months, we recommend that you visit Serengeti National Park. It covers a vast area and precipitation varies greatly, giving you the ability to avoid some of the wet regions.

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