What to pack for an African Safari


Just booked your first safari? Now what? Here’s a checklist for you.


Finally, the wait is over, your safari is just around the corner! That also means it’s time to start packing that suitcase of yours.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! Here are 4 essentials you’ll need for your upcoming safari adventure:


#1. Documents and Medical

Ensure your vaccinations are up to date and don’t forget to pack your immunization record booklet.

Pack your OTC and prescription medications in your carry on for safe keeping.

* For an official list of vaccinations and medicines, visit CDC’s page on Tanzania travel. Make sure to schedule a doctor’s visit at least one month before your trip.

Bring along all necessary travel documents including travel insurance cards, itinerary, and your travel visa (if required).

We have to say it - don’t forget your passport!


#2. Clothing

Our best advice - make sure you’re comfortable. Don’t stress about buying a new wardrobe, “safari attire” is not mandatory, but can be helpful.

  • Neutral, lightweight clothing is ideal for those hot sunny days. It also helps keep the mosquitoes and flies at bay - mainly during the wet season. Bright colours can sometimes cause animals to shy away.

  • A hat is always a great idea too, since the roof will be open during your safari tour.

  • A light jacket or long sleeve fleece for those chilly evening game drives or if visiting during the wet months.

  • If you plan to go on a bush walk be sure to wear a comfortable shoe with a sturdy outsole.

*Remember that domestic flights have limits on luggage type and weight. If you plan to use air travel within Tanzania, keep this in mind when packing.


#3. Electronics and more

Camera - You’ll want to capture all those wild moments and share with your family and friends back home. Bring along an extra battery pack for full day game drives and a dust proof camera bag - it gets dusty out there!

Binoculars - Your Aloito Africa safari jeep will be equipped with one pair of binoculars. We encourage you to bring a pair of your own if you want to catch all the action.

*Tanzania has two styles of electrical outlets, Type G & Type D with 230 voltage/50Hz. We recommend packing an adapter and converter, if required


4. Extras

  • Sunscreen for those sunny days

  • Lip balm with sunscreen comes in handy

  • Bug repellent especially during wet season

  • Wet wipes - again, it gets dusty out there

  • Spending money - for gratuities, extra beverages and snacks

  • Journal - The perfect evening activity after a day of exploring. You’ll experience so much during your tour, it’s a great idea to have them written down so you don’t forget all of those amazing moments.

Last but not least, while packing, leave space for souvenirs. It’s always nice to bring a little piece of Tanzania back home with you.